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Whether divorced or separated, if children are involved the parents will often have to maintain a coparenting dynamic.  As a result, some form of communication and relationship between the parents will have to be maintained.  Unfortunately, coparenting can often bring up the same conflicts and behaviors that led to the divorce or separation in the first place.  This can lead to anger, arguments, stonewalling, and a wide variety of conflicts.

Additionally, the same relational dynamics that led to the separation can often lead to disagreements regarding the children.  This can involve disagreements such as:

  • Selection of school district

  • Selection of medical provider

  • Summer activities

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Sharing of expenses

Even if they do not come to a resolution and see “eye to eye,” it can often help for the parents to improve their communication and ability to manage child-rearing decisions in a cordial manner for the benefit of the children.  


Therapy in such situations can often have several similarities to couples counseling or marital therapy.  The therapist can help the two parents each better understand the perspective of the other parent, while better expressing their own desires.  Therapy can also help the parents work toward a compromise or resolution in a manner in which both parents feel empowered and heard.


It is important for prospective and current clients to understand that Both / And Resources, PLLC provides therapeutic services only, and does not offer recommendations regarding child custody disputes or litigation.  


Such recommendations require specialized child custody training, which our providers do not have, and a specific child custody evaluation, which our providers do not offer.  Accordingly, our providers will not involve themselves in such litigation. 

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