New Opportunity for Therapists



At BOTH/AND Resources, we have a unique relationship with our local school district. The district provides us with office space at Apple Valley High School which functions as a satellite office for us. We have had this arrangement for over ten years with the same therapist, so stability is a hallmark. As a result, the school is very familiar with our work, values the service, and is eager for us to add a new person to this position. (Note: This is not a grant-funded service.) The therapist will see students there 1-2 days a week as part of their work as an Independent Contractor. The rest of their time can be completed at our office or with a combination of in-person and telehealth therapy. So if you are interested in work with this age group, would like having a reliable referral base, and want to build a solid out-patient therapy practice as an Independent Contractor with BOTH/AND Resources, please be in touch with Ginny D’Angelo, LMFT (


We are a committed group of collaborating colleagues and would love to welcome a new person to join us.



BOTH/AND Resources, PLLC is a collaborative group of mental health professionals who provide therapy services including family, couple, individual, and group. We are all independent contractors committed to providing a successful experience to those we serve. Our work is guided by these organizing principles:


  • We take a relational and systemic approach to our work
  • We help you find your own best solutions to life's challenges
  • We embrace the diversity of culture, lifelstyle, spirituality, age, and life experiences
  • We take a BOTH/AND position in an either/or world.